Saturday, March 1, 2008

HATYAI TRIP 11th feb 08

Share with you guys about my traveling in Hatyai during CNY at 11th Feb 2008
it take about 6 hours from KL

There was a 3 days 2 night trip and went with my bf's family

Although a long distance but worth.......

Memorable trip



Place that I visited


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gathering during CNY

First of all, I would like to wish all Happy Chinese New Year! Not only me, but all, gathering with relatives and friends are the MUST during CNY. It maybe an annual gathering for us. Thus, gathering with relatives and friends put me in a meaningful memory! Nevertheless, getting "ang pau" is the most happiest things for the child (including me) in CNY. It serve as extra pocket money for the child perhaps the true meaning is means for the child have a good luck in the new year. At last but not the least, wishes to all have a wave of wealth, health and luckily year! -------------------------------------------------------------
P/S : post some pictures during CNY

Date: 5th of Feb 08
~ With my ex schoolmate ~


Date: 9th of Feb 08
~ 5s7 gathering ~


Date: 10th of Feb 08
~ With of Leo's friends ~


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A year past, 22nd birthday is coming..
There is huge change in my life in year 2008
School life from primary to secondary school and finally come to TAR College is just at the end ..
I was appreciate and enjoy my study life for so many years..
Lastly.. the last 3 month study life for me in the coming June 2008
Waiting to oversea for the 3 month top-up programme

After this..
My future working life will be begins
Commence of learning to responsibility,struggle and with good communicate to come over the all working pressure, complex of staff relationship, and etc!

I am ready to take this mission !!!


Sasaki Japanese Buffer

This day, 27th of Jan 08, had celebrated early birthday for me and my mom
Whole family, except my dad and brother was went to have a great deal of dinner
at Sasaki Japanese Buffer

It was the 3rd time i been there..
Nothing can describe there except the delicious and tasty food ...
Appetizer, Sushi, Tepanyaki, dessert etc etc

Great and enjoy!
I have to say here.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!!

WAH, i ate so many !! no choice, the food is delicious


Mom, me and my sis !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!

Cutie Gordon, my nephew

My family ! Say chesee~~

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Christmas 2007

Wow.. Really have a long period of time did not post message here
Well, in a sudden, got a expressly feeling intention me to write an message here ...
which regards during my Christmas 2007
at Singapore
It was wonderful being there, during the Christmases eave at Singapore
with my boyfriend ans sister
Enjoy and have fun there...
Have also attached some picture wish to share with your guys!!

This picture taken at Chinatown (a hot sunny day) :-(

From left, eezern, sanny, quinee and chee loong
We are at Chinatown station!!

Loong and me! Merry Christmas!!

Very hungry! Eating a rice burger! Yummy!!

Wah, nice lighting decor! At Ochard Road, 24/12

I'm taken picture with Starbuck Cup Gor Gor !!